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Kingsisle Pirate 101

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  • Buy Kingsisle Pirate 101 Crowns Online (US)

    Pirate 101 is an online multiplayer adventure, where you create your own swashbuckling pirate and embark on a series of epic adventures in a mythical world of flying pirate ships. Recruit your own pirate crew, build a powerful fleet, fend off your enemies in ship to ship combat, beat the bad guys and find the hidden treasure!

    You can enjoy lots of perks in Pirate 101 instantly with a prepaid Pirate 101 gift card from ScratchMonkeys. Ordering is super fast and easy! After checkout, we'll send out your digital code instantly, so you can be on your way to new adventures within seconds.

    What are Pirate 101 crowns?

    Crowns are the Pirate 101 in-game currency used to purchase items in the shop. Look better in a flashy new costume and buy an even better & faster pirate ship. For free to play Pirates, having Crowns also opens up whole new chapters in the game universe. Premium areas unlocked with Crowns remain available in your account forever for all characters.

    Pirate 101 Crowns with instant delivery (US Region)

    As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll receive an instant digital code, so you can be on your way to new adventures within seconds. These prepaid Pirate 101 games cards are only available in the US.  

    What can you buy with Pirate 101 Crowns?

    • Gold, ships, pets, clothing, weapons, jewellery and other items in the Crown shop 
    • Free-to-play pirates can buy additional chapters that your pirate can have access to forever

    Kingsisle Pirate Terms and Conditions: Click Here

    ScratchMonkeys Terms and Conditions: Click Here




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