About Us

ScratchMonkeys was founded in the forever-sunny Los Angeles, California – LaLaLand as we like to call it and the world’s epicenter for everything entertainment.

Owned and operated by EZ Group, the team behind SM are a group of dedicated Monkeys that have united together due to our joint passion and vision to be your premier, go-to haven, when accessing your favorite digital gaming and entertainment content. 

Our goal is to not only provide our customers with a flawless online experience whilst consistently having a wide range of digital products available at the click of a button, but to also provide great customer support, and to finally make sure that all of this happens in the safest possible ecommerce environment.

We strive to refrain from any typical monkey behavior, and vow to provide you with an efficient and consistent service to ensure that your gaming and entertainment digital game codes, e-gift cards, top-ups, and subscriptions are "scratched" and instantly delivered to you with no silliness or monkeying around!