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Blizzard Gift Card - $20

  • US Region US Region
  • Brand : Blizzard
  • Availability : : In Stock
  • Instant Digital Codes Instant Digital Delivery
  • $20.00 (USD)

  • Banana Points 20

Buy Blizzard Gift Cards Online (US)

Indulge in endless hours of gaming entertainment with this $20 Blizzard Gift Card, formerly known as a Battle.net Gift Card. The $20 Blizzard Gift Card acts as a $20 prepaid card to easily access up to $20 of your favourite Blizzard games, expansions, services or any other in-game digital item from the Battle.net online store. Some popular examples of possible purchases range from World of Warcraft subscriptions, mounts, pets, toys to Overwatch loot boxes, Hearthstone card packs, Heroes of the Storm hero skins or Starcraft commanders, announcers, bundles and gear. With no added credit card fees or expiration date, the Blizzard Gift Card provides you with a hassle-free and seamless gaming experience. Treat yourself or gift it to a fellow gamer and unleash the power of the Blizzard store with the Blizzard Gift Card.


  • Instant Delivery via Digital Code
  • All denominations: $20 / $50
  • Windows PC / Mac / iOS / Android
  • Valid only for accounts registered in the United States (US)
  • No expiry date
  • All sales are final. Returns or refunds not available
  • Terms & Conditions apply
    • View the full list of Blizzard's T&Cs here
    • View the full list of our full T&Cs here


Need help or have any other questions?

Check out our Blizzard Gift Card FAQs and guides on How to Redeem / Check your Blizzard Gift Card Balance.

About Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment is a premier game developer and publisher founded in 1991 by three graduates of the University of California, Los Angeles. With a focus on creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences, Blizzard Entertainment has become a household name in the gaming industry. The company's titles include World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone, and StarCraft, among others. Blizzard Entertainment's games are played by millions of gamers worldwide, and the company has won numerous awards for its exceptional game design and storytelling. Some of its notable awards include Game Developer Choice Awards, BAFTA Awards, and Golden Joystick Awards. Blizzard Entertainment is headquartered in Irvine, California, with offices and operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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