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Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation

The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit NGO founded in 1991. Their mission is to use multi-stakeholder partnerships to rescue, rehabilitate, and release critically endangered Bornean orangutans to the forests of Borneo, while conserving reintroduced and wild orangutan populations and their forest habitats, and providing long-term sanctuary care to orangutans that cannot be reintroduced to the wild. The BOS Foundation team, made up of approximately 430 dedicated staff members, implementing their four core strategies—(1) Orangutan Reintroduction, (2) Sanctuary Care, (3) Orangutan Ecosystem Conservation, and (4) Sustainable Community Development—across their four programs in Central and East Kalimantan has resulted in the rescue of roughly 2,800 orangutans since 1991; the ongoing care of over 500 orangutans in their rehabilitation centres; the acquisition of the rights to use over 460,000 hectares of forests for orangutan reintroduction and conservation; the release of 410 orangutans back to the wild since 2012; the post-release monitoring of hundreds of reintroduced orangutans; the construction of semi-natural forest enclosures and forest island sanctuaries for hundreds of rescued orangutans and sun bears; the active conservation of 2,550 wild orangutans in peat swamp forests that store huge amounts of carbon; and the restoration or rehabilitation of thousands of hectares of degraded forest landscapes—an enormous effort which will continue in 2019 and beyond.

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