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Candy Crush Gift Card - $25

  • US Region US Region
  • Brand : King
  • Availability : : In Stock
  • Instant Digital Codes Instant Digital Delivery
  • $25.00 (USD)

  • Banana Points 25

Candy Crush Gift Card FAQ

There are currently 5 Candy Crush games available to date, though the developer, King, is constantly developing new games, so it is possible that more Candy Crush games will be released in the future.

Here are the 5 Candy Crush Games available today:

  1. Candy Crush Saga - The original Candy Crush game that took the world by storm. Match candies to create sweet combos and progress through hundreds of levels
  2. Candy Crush Soda Saga - A fizzy twist on the classic Candy Crush gameplay. Match candies and soda to create even more explosive combos.
  3. Candy Crush Jelly Saga - Spread the jelly across the board to win levels. Watch out for the licorice blockers! 
  4. Candy Crush Friends Saga - Join your favorite Candy Crush characters on a journey through the Candy Kingdom. Collect stickers to unlock special powers. 
  5. Candy Crush Dreamworld - A new Candy Crush game with a dreamlike twist. Solve puzzles in a world of floating islands and whimsical creatures. 
If you are looking for effective ways to make the best use of your Candy Crush In-Game Credits, here are a couple helpful tips:

  1. Only use credits when you really need them. Don't waste them on things that you can get for free.
  2. Save your credits for the more difficult levels.
  3. Look for opportunities to earn free credits.
  4. Consider purchasing a bundle of credits if you are a regular player.

Candy Crush is a game that requires a combination of skill, luck and a certain amount of strategic thinking.

While the board layout is randomly generated, players can learn how to match candies and use special candies efficiently, but it also requires players to plan their moves ahead of time and identify the best way in which to clear the board. They must also be able to adapt their strategies as the game progresses. Given this, Candy Crush can be a challenging and rewarding game for players of all ages.

Candy Crush is a puzzle game that has been shown to improve memory and attention in some studies, while others believe that the game is not particularly stimulating for the brain and can be addictive. Ultimately, whether Candy Crush is good for the brain is a matter of opinion. If you are concerned about the amount of time you are spending playing Candy Crush, consider setting limits on how much time you play each day.

Yes. You can play Candy Crush on a PC Computer. Here are a couple ways in which you can do so:

  1. Download the Candy Crush Saga app from the Microsoft Store
  2. Play the Candy Crush Saga through the Facebook Gaming website
  3. Use a cloud gaming service such as Amazon Luna or Xbox Cloud Gaming to play Candy Crush Saga
  4. Play it online through the King.com website (no download required)

Whichever option you choose will depend on your personal preferences and needs. If you don't mind having the Candy Crush Saga app installed on your computer, then go ahead and download it from the Microsoft Store. If you don't want to download any additional software, then playing online through the King.com, the Facebook Gaming website or using a cloud gaming service are possible alternatives. No matter which option you choose, we're sure you'll have hours of fun playing the Candy Crush Saga on your computer.

Candy Crush is generally considered to be safe for kids. The game does not contain any inappropriate content or violence. However, the game can be quite addictive, so parents should monitor how much time their children spend playing it and may want to set limits on how much they can play if they consider them to be playing too much. Additionally, the game includes in-app purchases, so parents may want to disable this feature to prevent their children from making unauthorized purchases, or provide them with Candy Crush Gift Cards to help monitor and control how much they spend.

Candy Crush Credits or Gold Bars are the in-game currency used in Candy Crush Saga. They can be used to purchase a variety of items that can help players progress through the game more quickly. These items include:

  1. Extra moves
  2. Boosters
  3. Lives
  4. Unlimited Lives
  5. Continues
  6. Piggy Bank

You can also read more about them in our blog here

The in-game credit in Candy Crush Saga are 'Gold Bars'. They are a virtual currency that can be used to purchase a variety of items, such as extra moves, boosters, and lives. Credits can be earned by completing levels, participating in events, or watching advertisements. They can also be purchased with real money by linking your credit card to the app store, or prepaid in the form of Candy Crush Gift Cards.

Here are some of the things Candy Crush Credits can be used:

  1. To buy extra moves - If you run out of moves before you can complete a level, you can use credits to buy extra moves.
  2. To buy boosters - Boosters are special candies that can help you clear the board more easily.
  3. To buy lives - If you lose a level, you lose a life. You can use credits to buy extra lives so you can keep playing.

Ultimately, Candy Crush In-game credits can be a helpful way to progress through the game more quickly. However, it is important to use them wisely. Check out the next FAQ on tips on how

Buy Candy Crush Gift Card Online (US)


Indulge in the sweetest gaming adventure - dive into a confectionery universe filled with delightful puzzles, delectable challenges, and mesmerizing levels with a Candy Crush Gift Card. Whether you're a Candy Crush enthusiast or looking for the perfect present for a Candy Crush fan, this gift card unlocks Candy Crush's world of sugary delights, granting you access to a treasure trove of in-game treats and endless entertainment.



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  • Valid only for accounts registered in the United States (USA)
  • All USD denominated Candy Crush Gift Cards: $15 / $25 / $50 / $100
  • All sales are final. Returns or refunds not available
  • Terms & Conditions apply
    • View the full list of Candy Crush Gift Card T&Cs here
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How to Redeem your Candy Crush Gift Card - It's a peice of cake.

  1. Visit CandyCrush.com/redeem
  2. Log in or create an account
  3. Scratch to reveal your unique code and enter it on the website
  4. Dive into the world of Candy Crush with a sweet stash of in-game treats


Alternatively, you can check out our in-depth guide and video walkthrough on How to Redeem and Check your Candy Crush Gift Card Balance.


Curious about the many benefits associated with our Candy Crush Gift Card? Check out some common Candy Crush Gift Card FAQs in the 'FAQ' tab above.


About Candy Crush

Unleashing a whirlwind of excitement since its inception, Candy Crush has become a global gaming sensation, captivating millions with its addictive gameplay and sugary landscapes. Join the ranks of devoted players and immerse yourself in a world where candy is your key to victory.

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