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New Year, New Experiences. Let's Elevate 2024

  • January 01, 2024
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  • New Year, New Experiences. Let's Elevate 2024

Gift Card Recommendations to Elevate your 2024

New Year, New Experiences

As the calendar turns, the promise of a new year brings with it the opportunity for personal growth and the thrill of trying new things. At Scratchmonkeys.com, we believe in embracing this spirit wholeheartedly. To kickstart your journey of self-discovery and adventure, we've curated a selection of digital gift cards from top lifestyle brands. Whether you aspire to master a new instrument, embark on a travel escapade, adopt a healthier lifestyle, attend exciting events, or immerse yourself in the magic of cinema, we have the perfect cards for you. Let's explore how brands like Fender Play, Airbnb, Instacart, StubHub, and Regal can turn your New Year resolutions into unforgettable experiences.

Fender Play

For those harboring the dream of playing a musical instrument, Fender Play is your go-to guide. Gift a Fender Play Gift Card to someone eager to embark on a musical journey. Whether they aspire to be the next guitar virtuoso or learn the soothing notes of the ukulele, Fender Play provides an interactive and engaging platform for music enthusiasts to kickstart their musical goals. 

Imagine the thrill of your fingers gliding across the strings, coaxing out a melody that whispers secrets and shouts anthems. The dream of playing guitar, long tucked away, suddenly feels tantalizingly close. This is the magic of the Fender Play Gift Card - a gateway to unlocking your musical potential, no matter your age or experience. Fender Play isn't just lessons; it's an immersive journey. Picture yourself in a virtual studio, guided by renowned instructors like Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Christina Aguilera. Their video lessons demystify chords, strumming patterns, and intricate techniques, all delivered with infectious enthusiasm. The platform adapts to your pace, offering instant feedback and personalized practice tracks to keep you motivated. So, whether you're a closet rocker harboring secret Hendrix dreams or a curious soul yearning to strum a campfire ballad, a Fender Play Gift Card is the perfect way to turn your musical aspirations into reality. 


Airbnb Gift Cards are perfect for the adventurous soul seeking new experiences. Airbnb opens doors to unique stays and local gems. Gift the spirit of adventure with an Airbnb gift card to encourage someone to step out of their comfort zone, whether it's a cozy cabin retreat, an exotic beachfront villa, or a vibrant urban apartment. The gift of travel is the gift of discovering the world.

Imagine sunrise over a Tuscan vineyard from your charming farmhouse, or city lights twinkling from a Parisian rooftop apartment. Using an Airbnb Gift Card unlocks unique stays woven into the fabric of local communities, ditching generic hotels for character-filled homes and vibrant neighborhoods. This isn't just a place to sleep; it's a portal to unforgettable experiences. Learn to pasta-twirl in Italy, surf Bali's waves with pros, or find inner peace in a Thai beachside yoga session. Each host offers a glimpse into their world, revealing hidden gems and authentic cultural flavors. So, spark wanderlust in your loved ones or ignite your own. An Airbnb Gift Card is a blank canvas for memories that will last a lifetime. The world's waiting to be explored!


We all know someone whose NY resolution is to eat healthier. Support your friends and loved ones in their quest for a healthier lifestyle with an Instacart Gift Card. Fresh groceries at their doorstep mean more time for meal planning, healthier choices, and stress-free shopping. Be a part of their wellness journey by providing the convenience of Instacart for a nourishing start to the year.

Skip the stressful grocery grind and gift the ease of healthy living with an Instacart Gift Card. Imagine fresh, vibrant produce waiting at your doorstep, ready to fuel your resolutions and nourish your body with goodness. Instacart makes healthy eating effortless, opening a world of possibilities on your schedule. Picture stress-free meal planning with instant access to a cornucopia of options, from organic veggies to local dairy products. Ditch the time-consuming supermarket trips and let Instacart's efficient delivery service handle the heavy lifting. This Instacart Gift Card isn't just groceries; it's a gift of time, freedom, and the ability to prioritize your well-being. Whether you're a workout warrior in need of post-gym protein or a busy family juggling schedules, Instacart caters to every dietary need and lifestyle. Support your loved ones' wellness journeys or invest in your own healthy future with this thoughtful gift – healthy living has never been easier!


For the thrill-seekers and event enthusiasts, StubHub is the gateway to unforgettable experiences. Gift a StubHub Gift Card and let them choose from a plethora of upcoming events - concerts, sports games, theater performances, and more. Consider bundling it with an Airbnb Gift Card for the ultimate gift, combining travel and live experiences for an unforgettable adventure.

Unwrap adrenaline and electrifying memories with a StubHub Gift Card. Imagine the roar of the crowd as your favorite band hits the stage, the thrill of witnessing Olympic history in person, or the shared laughter during a side-splitting comedy show. StubHub is your gateway to a universe of live experiences, waiting to ignite excitement for every passion. Forget generic gifts; fuel the fire of anticipation with a ticket to the hottest events – concerts, sporting matches, theater productions, and more. Give the gift of choice, letting your recipient craft their own unforgettable adventure. Picture them singing along with their idol, cheering on their home team, or losing themselves in the magic of live performance. StubHub caters to every thrill-seeker and event enthusiast. Whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime concert, a family fun day at the ballpark, or a night of captivating theater, a StubHub Gift Card can unlock moments that will be shared and cherished for years to come. The perfect live experience awaits!

Regal & AMC Cinemas

For cinephiles and movie buffs, a Regal Cinema Gift Card or an AMC Gift Card is a ticket to a world of cinematic charm. Treat someone to the magic of the silver screen with the latest blockbusters or indie gems. Whether it's a solo movie night or a cinema date, Regal and AMC ensure captivating experiences for all.


Escape the ordinary and ignite cinematic escapades with a Regal Cinema Gift Card or AMC Gift Card. Imagine immersing yourself in blockbuster worlds or discovering indie gems on the silver screen. These gift cards unlock the magic of moviegoing, where popcorn-filled adventures and shared laughter create memories that last. Forget the distractions of streaming; embrace the cinematic magic of big screens, booming sound, and a community experience. Give the gift of a date night under the stars, a family outing filled with animated heroes, or a solo escape into a captivating story. Whether it's a heart-pounding thriller or a side-splitting comedy, Regal and AMC offer a diverse slate for every mood and occasion. So, dim the lights and open the curtains to imagination. Let the thrill of a chase sequence, the emotional resonance of a poignant scene, and the collective gasp of a surprise twist bring families and friends together. Grab a  Regal Cinema Gift Card or AMC Gift Card and let the movies begin!

As the New Year unfolds, seize the opportunity to embrace new experiences and foster personal growth. At scratchmonkeys.com, we invite you to turn resolutions into reality with our curated selection of Gift Cards from lifestyle brands. From strumming melodies with Fender Play to exploring the uncharted with Airbnb, fueling healthier lifestyles with Instacart, experiencing live events with StubHub, and immersing yourself in cinematic magic with Regal - the possibilities are endless. Gift the joy of new beginnings and new experiences, and make 2024 a year filled with exciting adventures. Head to our website to explore and purchase these Gift Cards today!

Available Fender Play Gift Card denominations on ScratchMonkeys: 12 Months Subscription

Available Airbnb Gift Card denominations on ScratchMonkeys: $25 / $50 / $100

Available Instacart Gift Card denominations on ScratchMonkeys: $25 / $50 / $100

Available StubHub Gift Card denominations on ScratchMonkeys: $50 / $100

Available Regal Cinema Gift Card denominations on ScratchMonkeys: $25 / $50

Available AMC Gift Card denominations on ScratchMonkeys: $25 / $50


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