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Nexon Game Card - $10

  • US Region US Region
  • Brand : Nexon
  • Availability : : In Stock
  • Instant Digital Codes Instant Digital Delivery
  • $10.00 (USD)

  • Banana Points 10

Karma Koin Gift Card FAQ

Karma Koin is the best way to enjoy additional digital content in your favorite online games titles. Karma Koin is supported by over 20 Game publishers and can be used in many popular game titles including Atlantica, Cabal, Crossfire, Farmerama, Flyff, Seafight, Warframe and World of Warplanes.
Karma Koin has been rebranded as Nexon Game Card, but they're essentially the same, and they work exactly the same way. You can continue to use Karma Koin as a payment method in your favorite games as usual. 
Karma Koin gift cards never expire. Karma Koin has been rebranded as Nexon Game Card and new Karma Koin Cards are no longer being produced. However, all existing Karma Koin Cards will continue to work alongside the new Nexon Game Cards, so you don't have to worry.

Nexon Karma Koin Logo

Nexon Karma Koin - Digital Delivery

Redeem this digital gift card towards $10 Nexon Karma Koin virtual currency - the most convenient way to access premium in-game content in your favorite online titles. A prepaid Karma Koin gift card is the easy way to pay for in-game content in a wide range of online games, including Farmerama, World of Warplanes, Path of Exile, MapleStory and more. Ideal as a gift for young gamers who don’t have credit cards, or when you just want to keep your card details safe when playing online.

Simply select your prepaid Karma Coin gift card from ScratchMonkeys and complete checkout using your preferred payment method. Your Karma Koin digital code will then be instantly delivered to your customer account, ready to be redeemed.


  • Enjoy additional digital content in your favorite online games with KARMA KOIN!
  • Compatible with Most Online Publishers & Games–KARMA KOIN is supported by over 15 Game Publishers
  • Flexible Options–Combine balances from multiple cards, spend only the balance you want, and No Credit Card Required.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion-Great as a gift, allowance, or credit card alternative for online games.

How to redeem:

  1. Visit karmakoin.com for information on where to redeem this virtual card
  2. Follow the checkout process on the website of any participating game
  3. Choose Karma Koin in the checkout and enter the code shown above

Karma Koin Terms and Conditions: Click Here

ScratchMonkeys Terms and Conditions: Click Here


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